Search Engines Under Siege: Google’s Not As Innocent As It Seems.

By Eva Dumbrell 

Google yourself, and you might find more than you’re looking for. In fact, depending on what pops up in the search, you might even find a suit in defamation.

In 2012 Michael Trkulja sucessfully sued Yahoo! for $225,000 for its defamatory search terms, labelling Mr Trkulja a mobster and a criminal. He then went after Google. The Judge found that Google too were liable, emphasising that even if an individual or a company plays a passive role in disseminating material, they will not be absolved from liability. Meaning: you can be sued for defamation if you republish somebody else's defamatory statements on your own platform. This includes retweets, reposts or comments written by other people on your platform that you have neglected to remove.


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