Fluid Trade Marks: Merging Your Brand with Your Message

Brands are constantly looking for better ways to interact with their consumers - our digital age has enabled new and inventive opportunities for this to happen. One tool that many brands have adopted is the use of a fluid trade mark.

A fluid trade mark is dynamic and interactive, steering away from the notion that a trade mark must be presented in a uniform format. The original trade mark itself is not replaced. Instead it is varied and this varied trade mark coexists with the underlying trade mark. The fluid trade mark can be used just once or for a longer period of time.

The most well known example of a fluid trade mark is the Google trade mark, which frequently changes to commemorate events.

A fluid trade mark allows the owner to make changes to the registered mark and in doing so the owner “humanises” the brand by inviting consumers to interact with it. Clearly, the fluid trade mark is more eye-catching than the static trade mark. The public is likely to perceive the brand as contemporary and evolving, and accordingly the ties between the brand and the consumer are further strengthened.

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