Intellectual Property - Australia and International

Businesses operate in a global economy where consumers are brand sensitive. Commercialisation of IP has a direct impact on building customer loyalty.

At Axis Legal, we know that the proper protection of your Intellectual Property (IP) is vital to business growth and success. We focus not just on registering your brands but also on assisting with the ongoing watch on how they are used by you, your customers, competitors and even by the public.  Our lawyers will:

  • provide innovative strategic advice on securing and protecting your IP
  • can assist with the management and strategy of protecting your global IP portfolio from implementation stage through to commercialisation and legal enforcement
  • add value to the commercialisation of your IP through registration, licensing, joint ventures, sponsorship and endorsement agreements, distribution, merchandising and franchising
  • conducting IP audits
  • acting on the acquisition or sale of IP assets, including preparation of all transaction documents