Social Media Law

Axis Legal is the number one law firm when it comes to advising companies on risk and governance issues arising from the use of social media in business.

There are huge benefits and potential perils in using social media networks for business and marketing.  Social networks make it much easier to post and disseminate information quickly and occasionally rashly. Everyone should, for example, be aware of their privacy rights and obligations, liability in defamation and responsibilities in relation to the appropriate use intellectual property (IP) rights.

We advise on the following:

  • Defamation/Business Reputation: how to avoid facing defamation claims including training staff in appropriate language usage, vetting websites and publicity materials, pre-publication/pre-broadcast reviews and advising on damage control if you or your company has been the subject of defamatory or disparaging remarks that may damage your reputation, financial position or credibility in the market place.
  • Intellectual Property: ensuring that your IP rights are not infringed and helping you to avoid potentially costly claims of IP infringement from third parties.
  • Privacy:  with more of us are sharing information about ourselves online, the online community is anything but safe and private. A good privacy policy plus an understanding of the Spam Act is essential. This will allow a business to reassure its existing customers and effectively target customers online without infringing privacy legislation.
  • Employee Supervision: we will assist you with updating and implementing policies regarding employees' use of social networking websites during and after normal business hours.